How to get the perfect trim!

December 11, 2010

The perfect trim is as much about the owner as it is the pet! Here are several questions we ask for you to consider as we determine what will be the perfect trim for your pet:

How often do you want to bring your pet in?
Some people like to keep their dog groomed professionally with greater frequency than others. Whether you want your pet to come in every week or every few months, we are happy to come up with a suitable level of trimming to accommodate your needs.

How much time do you want to (realistically) commit to brushing/combing  a long-haired breed or even a short-hair who is prone to matting between grooms?
This question helps us determine how to go in giving your dog the perfect groom for your lifestyle. Many breeds have coats that need regular brushing and combing maintenance between grooms, to keep them looking good and to reduce matting at the skin.

By working with you, we can decide together what length of trim will work out well for you to be able to enjoy the time with your pet doing this and not have it become a chore.

How much does your dog shed and do you want us to come up with a trimming solution that helps to mitigate this?
We’re happy to simply, work out the under coat, do a short trim or  ”neaten things up” for your pet during different seasons of the year .

This will help with many shedding issues you may be having in your home (and on your clothes, the furniture, and in the car, etc…)

What kind of breed or breed mix do you have?
Whether you want to go with a show style or something that is more comfortable for you and your pet… our groomers all have vast knowledge about grooming for specific breeds and breed mixes. We are happy to take the time discuss your thoughts as to how you prefer your pet to be trimmed.

Because we examine each pet for individual conditions, we may have suggestions as to how often a dog should be coming in and what other grooming options may be appropriate:
Is tangling a problem? Would you prefer different grooming styles according to the season? Does your dog have skin problems we can treat with medicated shampoos or other products?

One thing we will never do is shave down a dog without discussing  and explaining why in this situation it is a necessity to do so.

In the end, we will always groom to your preference of style and find the right trim for your pet. And this is always done, by working together!

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